Individual Career Counselling

Whether it’s how to find your career identity as a young professional, job searching as a senior professional, or how to approach a difficult situation at work after 10 years in the same job, you’ve come to the right place.

I do career counselling to help you move towards the life you want. Sometimes career decisions happen through happenstance or, because of “shoulds” imposed by others.

I’m here to guide you in leaning into the step-by-step process of career exploration (self-reflection, research, creating an action plan).

Self-reflection includes in-depth discussions and assessments around 4 important areas of your life that create a foundation for career decision-making: your interests, values, skills/knowledge and personal qualities.

This information is mined through discussion, feedback, and top tier assessments that can unlock answers and help you find that confidence & clarity when it comes to exploring those big life questions.

Career identity is a life-long process but I have found that clients who are open & engaged, motivated to make a change, and complete the process with the tools I offer, tend to develop clarity after a few months (on average) of regular counselling sessions.

Learn the tools to notice, identify, and accept the emotions related to your career struggle or mental health issue, and then acquire an action plan. Career counselling has a beginning, middle and an end and can bring up tricky emotions, so I'm here to guide you through the process. These services may be covered under "counselling" in your healthcare benefits depending on your insurance provider.


Do you feel "lost" or "have too many interests"? Are you not sure how to talk about yourself or maybe want to learn about your values? Learn how your unique personality, values and interests line up with your ideal career and acquire the vocabulary you need to describe yourself in an interview or cover letter.



  • More self-awareness in your career & life choices
  • Inspiration about new possibilities to explore
  • Understand your "personality conflicts" with others
  • Confirmation & validation of existing career & life circumstances from your understanding your preferences

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