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Why Rituals Are Important for your Mental Health

By Laura Cohen / February 3, 2023

Rituals are an important part of life regardless of one’s beliefs. Psychology research has shown that we need rituals to regulate emotions and foster social connections. Whether it’s moving into a new home, losing a friend or welcoming the winter solstice, we feel good when we can externalise the shift that we are grappling with…

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On Being Human: What Nature Can Teach Us

By Laura Cohen / August 30, 2022

Let’s face it: being human can be hard. Especially in the throes of fear, shame or anger. Most people are not taught how to navigate psychological challenges in healthy ways, and even if we do know, sometimes we are pushed to our limits and exhaust our own inner resources. How do we learn to deal…

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Forest Bathing: Superfood of the 21st Century

By Laura Cohen / May 28, 2022

Forest bathing is an emerging therapeutic intervention with 40 years of research behind it, proving our overwhelming need for time outside. What is Forest Bathing?Forest bathing is defined as “immersing oneself in nature by mindfully using all five senses.” Also known as Shinrin-Yoku in Japanese, forest bathing surfaced as a prevention and treatment technique in…

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